Martial Art


Fighting System

Ancient Tibetan warrior art

Elaborate, coherent and tested fighting and training system

No strict rules or forms, no rituals

Realistic combat techniques

Unique in its sheer endless variety of exercises

Training Impressions

Tescao Training

• Realistic and highly effective
martial art techniques - with and without weapons

• Comprehensive body control: agility, speed, precision, strength, endurance and coordination

• Mental strength: concentration, determination,
fighting spirit, discipline and serenity

• Private schools - no mass trainings

• Varying training content and innovative
techniques - no boring routines

• Performance oriented: be ready to give
your best in each training session

Y.N. Monkhoev

• Last direct heir of the Tescao fighting system - a living legend

• Well known in Russia as martial arts expert and outstanding fighter

• Established a network of Tescao schools, spanning Russia,
   Germany and the USA

• Teaches parts of Russia's elite in Moscow

Igor Volenko

• Born fighter from the Ukraine
• Trialled several martial arts before he got to know Tescao
• One of Monkhoev's first students
• Runs his own Tescao school in Germany


Push-up Training Ebook

by Igor Volenko und Torsten Woelm

• Exclusive presentation of unique Tescao exercises
• Detailed explanation of all movements
• Training for explosive strength
• Created for martial artists
• Ebook with 200 exercises on 254 pages
• Illustrated with 675 photos
• Available on Amazon and iBooks
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"Das Ziel der modernen Kampfkunst ist nicht das Zerstören von Leben, sondern das schöpferische Wirken in allen Lebenslagen. Das schließt die Selbstverteidigung mit ein, macht sie aber nicht zum alleinigen Ziel. Geduld, Toleranz, Mut, Mitgefühl und Achtsamkeit werden gefördert und bringen uns in Harmonie mit allem Leben."

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